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BrowserAudit checks that your web browser correctly implements a wide variety of security standards and features. Find out more.

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Your test results will be sent back to us to help us improve BrowserAudit. You can turn off test result reporting if you'd prefer not to share them with us.

We've preselected a set of tests you may like to run in your browser. If you'd prefer to run a different set of tests, you can choose the categories containing the tests you'd like to run by checking the boxes next to the category names below.

If you're running BrowserAudit on a mobile device or an older computer, it may run faster if you choose one of the lesser display modes. You'll still be able to review individual test results later if you choose to report your results (see below).

Reporting your test results allows you (and only you) to review them later, and allows us to improve BrowserAudit's performance and design more effective tests. We'll store your test results, along with your IP address and web browser's User-Agent string. We do not collect any personally-identifying information or share your individual test results with anyone else.